About our leaders

Bishop Roosevelt Shields II

Presiding Bishop & Founder of CAGFGBC International

Bishop Roosevelt Shields II was born on November 28, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois, to the Late Pastor Roosevelt Shields Sr. and the Late Missionary Mildred D. Shields. Bishop Shields is the husband of Lady Sandra C. Shields and the father of seven adult children, twelve grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.  He also has four brothers and one sister. Bishop Shields is a product of the Chicago public school system and a 1975 graduate of Wilbur Wright Junior College in Chicago. He became a 1978 graduate of Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, with a double major, receiving a BA in both Religion and Recreation.  In 2010 Bishop Shields received his certification as a Certified Christian Counselor from the International Institute of Faith-Based Counseling.

Bishop Shields accepted his calling into ministry in January 1973 and in 1977 was licensed and ordained by the late Pastor Marvin Jerome Yancy.  He continues preaching the gospel to this day. His pastoral leadership began with him as Youth Pastor at Alta Mesa Park Baptist Church; he then moved to Second Baptist Church in LaGrange, Illinois, as Senior Pastor.  He returned to Alta Mesa Park Baptist Church as Youth Pastor and then later became Interim Pastor.  Bishop Shields then became Minister of Christian Education at Community Baptist Church and then became Senior Pastor at New Community Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.  Bishop Shields, along with his late wife Co-Pastor Diane Shields, founded and became Senior Pastor of True Vine Believers Full Gospel Baptist Church in Ovilla, Texas, in 1991.  In January 2021, Bishop Roosevelt Shields II and Lady Sandra Shields founded Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church International in Fresno, Texas, where he serves as Senior Pastor.    

Along with his Pastoral leadership, Bishop Shields has also held the office of 1st Vice-Moderator in the Dallas Regional Baptist Association, under the leadership of the Late Moderator George Pryor.  He also served as the First District Overseer of the North Central District of Texas in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, under the leadership of his pastor, mentor, & spiritual covering, Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr.  He was elevated to the office of Bishop in June 2001, by the Worldwide Pentecostal Deliverance Fellowship, under the Late Bishop Dwain C. Thompson Sr.  He also served as 1st Assistant Prelate to the Late Bishop Dwain C. Thompson Sr. Bishop Shields also served as 1st Assistant to Overseer Billy Adkison in the Dallas District of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International and 1st Assistant to Bishop Kenneth B. Spears in the Office Of Recruitment Of The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. In 2021 God has provided more opportunities for Bishop Shields to serve the body of Christ.  He earned his Christian Teachers’ Certification within the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, becoming a Certified International Teacher.  Bishop Shields was appointed the Bishop of the College of Bishops of the Jordan Partnership under the leadership of Apostle Johnasen L. Pack. 

In April 2002, the Lord led Bishop Shields to begin Roosevelt Shields, II Miracle Crusades. The purpose of the Miracle Crusade is to:

  • Bring unity to church bodies
  • Unite people of like faith
  • Save the sinners
  • Revive the saints
  • Heal the sick
  • Set-free and deliver the young people
  • Mend broken hearts
  • Feed the hungry (physically and spiritually)
  • Renew marriage covenants
  • Cast out demons
  • Spiritually educate the people of God.

These Miracle Crusades have been conducted in Africa, Australia, Europe, and Japan.

Bishop Roosevelt Shields II loves sports, fellowship, and family, but above all, he loves the Lord with his whole heart and is a man of total faith in God. He has determined his purpose in life is to Prepare People for Kingdom Living. Bishop Shields believes that if you are going to live in the Kingdom of God, you must be born-again, renewed in your mind, your speech, your actions, your living, and in your giving. In this season of life and ministry, Bishop Shields has an Apostolic end-time mandate on his life to spiritually inform, empower, and educate people of the times that lay before us regarding the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lady Sandra Shields

Co-Founder of CAGFGBC International

Lady Sandra Shields and her husband Bishop Roosevelt Shields II are founders, as of January 2021, of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church International.  Lady Sandra Shields, a professional business manager, has been blessed to work with the same telecommunications company for 29 years.  Her current position has allowed her to strategize, implement, and coordinate projects and processes.  Lady Shields has been able to use the many skills learned in her professional career to develop a plan to pursue her passion, helping hurting individuals progress through the pains and pitfalls of life.  As a result, Lady Shields went back to school and graduated with honors with a BS in Psychology and an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Lady Shields also holds a certification in Christian Counseling and a certification in Mental Health Therapy.  The pursuit of her doctorate in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior was temporarily halted when she met the love of her life, Roosevelt Shields II, on September 22, 2020. 


Taught at an early age the blessing in giving and helping others, Lady Shields has devoted her free time to do just that.  Among other areas of giving and helping others through volunteering time and resources, in 2010, Lady Shields founded Shades of Beauty, targeting young girls between the ages of 5 to 17.  The non-profit organization’s mission was to build self-esteem, teach reliance on God, self-assurance, independence, and promote respect and unity.  This organization was birthed out of her own experience as a child with self-esteem issues, lack of confidence, and fears. In August 2020, as the last of her children prepared to leave home to pursue their college degree, Lady Shields created the blog site, A Boomer’s Diary.  Her desire was to blog her experiences, thoughts, and goals in hopes of connecting with other baby boomers.  Through transparency and honest testimony of her life with God it, was her dream to encourage, motivate, and let others know they’re not alone.  Lady Shields would consider the blog a success if it could be a tool to let others who didn’t know their next steps consider the possibility of dreaming, self-discovery, and following one’s passion.   


Lady Shields is working on the next phase of her God-ordered and ordained life with her husband, Bishop Shields.  This next phase includes pursuing her Marriage and Family Therapy license, continuing working towards her doctorate while working in the Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church International ministry.  Her goals also include writing books with Bishop Shields and eventually transitioning to full-time counseling, doing what she can to help hurting people heal.  Lady Shields ultimate goal is to follow the steps ordered by God, trusting and believing that the Holy Spirit will lead her in the direction she is to go.   To God be the glory!