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LaSandra Autry

For myself and my young son Leonard Jackson of Grand Prairie, TX who was a victim of police brutally after a false report was called in from the local library ( where he is a member) he sat and charged his cell phone and the librarian called the police, "saying he looked suspicious" which caused 5 police cars and a false arrest, no drugs, no weapons, were found, no nothing just the color of his skin and he spent months in jail, his car was towed. He was arrested in front of his family and now is unemployed and homeless and fears going to another library and fears of going outside.

Fears of being around people that are not of color and it's like paranoia from this trauma.

I'm asking for God to Take away the Fear of Man and to Fill him with the Holy Spirit and to deliver and help him in all areas of his life and to gain strength and employment to be confident and live again.

And to also bless him for his first book he wrote during this time.

God bless and thank you.

LaSandra Autry and Jackson Family

Received: August 24, 2022